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About Us

Shukshuk is an online marketplace that aims to support transactions between buyers and sellers in Continental Asia.

Matt was an avid traveller. In his travels across the Asian continent, he came across many wonderful people who made amazing products (e.g. cashmere in Mongolia, olive wood in Egypt etc.), and yet were struggling financially. There were also many honest, hardworking people who just lacked opportunities and hope, After many coffees (and teas) with this diverse group of people (many of whom became friends), he started dreaming of building an online marketplace that can support these businesses and people across Asia. In 2020, fate brought him together with a team of like-minded young people across Asia, all with the unique skills needed to make the online marketplace a reality. That led to the birth of Shukshuk. Shukshuk (pronounced as shook-shook) means “Market Market” in Arabic.